Photoblog Alliance

I’ve recently created a new type of photoblog called the Photoblog Alliance. It’s a collaborative photoblog where photographers can display their photographs and articles on photoblogging. The purpose of the site is to… Continue reading

Guidelines For Better Photo Critiques

One of the critical parts of moving one’s photography to the next level is to have knowledgeable photographers critique your work. Getting better isn’t done in a vacuum and if you have ever… Continue reading

Korea in Two Dimensions

I’ve started a new personal project called, Korea in Two Dimensions. It’s an exploration of my neighborhood in South Korea taken from a straight-on, two dimensional perspective. I needed a very focused idea… Continue reading

KIA Truck

I’ve always been a big fan of these types of images. I like their simple, graphic nature because the message is clear and, quite honestly, it’s just cool photography. I don’t consider myself… Continue reading

Train Station Mirror

I’m well aware that train stations have been photographed to death so when I’m looking for images at a station I want to find something that has possibly never been shot. I think… Continue reading

Subway Construction

I’ve been trying to concentrate on shooting more photographs with people in them, but there are times when a tiger has to stop being an elephant and shoot what comes naturally. This is… Continue reading